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    Radiator Productions Ltd.

    Documentary Film Production Studio in West London.

    Currently producing: The Power of Lies

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    The Power of Lies is an important new documentary exploring the history of lying in politics and its impact upon public trust in governments worldwide. It examines how we can use old laws in a new way to make lying in modern politics illegal.


    It follows private prosecutor Marcus J Ball on his journey all the way to the high court in his mission to prosecute the most powerful politician in the UK for misconduct in public office.

    It tells the story of how that prosecution, which was backed by an enormously experienced legal team and thousands of supporters, was suddenly thrown out under questionable

    This film is a balanced examination across the full political spectrum, uncovering three exclusive new stories on the way, and makes the argument for a global movement to make lying in politics a criminal offence.

  • The Power of Lies production team:

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    Marcus J Ball

    Director, producer, writer

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    Tom Goodman-Hill


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    Oona Menges

    Director of photography

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    David Arnold

    Score Composer

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    Roberta Volpe

    Set Designer & Scenic Artist

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    Simon Haggis

    Sound Recordist

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    Paul Pateman

    Graphic Artist

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    Company number 10885306

    Registered office address67 University Road, Canterbury, England, CT2 7FG